Beauty Jewels A Program Designed For Women of Today Join us in Boca Raton For Our Specialty Health, Beauty & LIFE Program

Day Services:
We offer half day and full day services for companies, women’s groups, Churches and Synagogues. 

Make Me Feel Beautiful Program:
This program is designed to provide special care for the woman who needs to feel beautiful or needs an extra boost in her daily regime.

Women’s Group:
This can be any small group of  women that desire to spend a day or a weekend at our mini fitness spa in Boca Raton. Religious groups  (K) corporate groups and Church groups welcome.
Upon the initial consultation we will decide what type of program will best suit the needs of our client.
We also offer annual memberships for our fitness and diet center.

Guests and Rest
Specialty half day to 2 days available for one woman or small groups of women.  This can be a combination of 4 of our programs that will be designed specifically and personally for the client.

At our beautiful Boca Raton, Florida location, Weight-A-Minute International offers a place where women can go for a small mini retreat to learn about losing weight, getting fit, getting beautiful, and more.  Our life application series will take women far away from their everyday burdens to rejuvenate her through teaching, goal setting, and rest, so when she returns she will do so with a life changing plan.  
Unlike other retreats or spas, we spend the weekend developing a plan that is going to be life applicable to her to enable her to reach her goals and dreams once she returns home.

During Her Stay: What She can Expect!
There will be an initial questionnaire sent out prior to the arrival of the client(s).
This questionnaire will help us identify her dreams, desires and expectations.
Upon arrival, we will continue the questionnaire about nutrition, lifestyle, weight loss and more.
We will provide a complete Weight-A-Minute Analysis Weight Loss and Wellness Program developed specifically for her according to her oxidative rate(diet program),

The client will also experience our intense One Minute To Fitness workout. 
She will attend group and one on one private consulting about her weight loss and fitness regimen.

She will receive:

  • Education on the Dead Sea Beauty Minerals
  • Mud treatment
  • Session on Anti Aging
  • Mediterranean Air Brush Tan (and leave her looking like a goddess)
  • Session on Supplementation: The Truth about What You Should Take Individually

She will also experience at our corporate site retreat many additional tools for rest and relaxation.

  • Learn her own Oxidative Rate and Diet Planning
  • Make WAM Smoothies
  • Learn how to eat for weight loss and weight control
  • Go for a walk or swim at the beach.
    • We spend one morning walking to the beach to watch the sun rise, and go for moon lit walks in the evening in beautiful Boca Raton, Florida.
  • Swim in the pool
  • Journal about HER LIFE

CALL TODAY to attend one of our weekend retreats-Beauty Jewels for a Peaceful Mind, Body and Soul.

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Dedicated to Changing Women’s Lives Throughout The World!

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