The Most Advanced Corporate Wellness Series

  1. Save $Thousands$ on employee absenteeism
  2. Reduce Turnover
  3. Increase Production
  4. Reduce Healthcare Costs

Surgeon General Report:

So, what are YOU going to do about it?
Weight-A-Minute we will provide you with state of the art,

  1. Turnkey Programs for all employees
  2. Individual or Group Packages for any size company or business.
  3. Short term and long term follow up and education.

Weight-A-Minute specializes in "Ways that Work", which interprets great success and high achievement for your staff! Not only are we known for our individual approach with our computer technology, but Weight-A-Minute delivers effective team building techniques that build support, camaraderie, enthusiasm, and an entire atmosphere of wellness.  We offer contest outlines, motivational speaking, and private goal setting.

Our Corporate Programs are completeeffectiveconvenient and we can have you up and running in no time at all! Our highly trained consultants will work closely with you to set-upYOUR PROGRAM for YOUR EMPLOYEES to best suit YOUR NEEDS!

  1. Weight-A-Minute  offers ONLINE INDIVIDUAL or GROUP WEIGHT MANAGEMENT & NUTRITION PROGRAMS which we conduct through our corporate offices.

  2. Or better yet, add a Weight-A-Minute Center to your Corporation! A minimal investment, with Long Term Profits!

FACT: The National Council on Compensation Insurance estimates that U.S. companies spend over $100 billion a year on lost work productivity and another $30 billion for stress-related medical and disability payments. 
Did you catch that? Per year!

Employee absenteeism and well-being affect every business owner or corporation. Small businesses and large companies are ever more concerned with health care costs, and business managers are becoming increasingly involved in corporate wellness management. Weight-A-Minute has ready-made corporate wellness solutions to offer the business community - from organized group presentations to individualized wellness programs proven to be effective for any size or type of business.

Weight-A-Minute can help your company:

  1. Save $Thousands$ on Employee Absenteeism
  2. Reduce Turnover
  3. Increase Production
  4. Reduce Healthcare Costs

Weight-A-Minute program carries explosive, unlimited earning potential! Employers and employees alike will benefit from significant improvements in attendance, production, and morale. You will be recognized and respected by the economic community along with achieving the success you deserve!    Plus, make it a great place to go to work!


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