The staff at Weight-A-Minute took years to develop the most scientific, turn key weight management and wellness systems in the world.  Each area of your mini spa is designed to treat your customer with deluxe care and results, and to bring you a profit with every square foot.We have developed leading edge supplementation, beauty products, anti aging products, workouts, education and more.  All exclusive with your Weight-A-Minute Studio..

This beautiful mini fitness and diet spa offers classy fitness and beauty inside and out.
The moment your customer walks in the door, they know you are something different. The entry way leads them to believe they are somewhere in the Mediterranean. An enjoyable place to arrive, and exquisite place to attain results for life. This is not your you’re average gym, 30 minute club, or salon. It is a place that we have carefully designed to be an experience,  A PRIVATE STUDIO WITH PERSONAL RESULTS.
Refined, fit, and healthy, yet all within MINUTES. Each service and product has been researched and developed by physicians, and specialists to provide your customer with unquestionable products and services.
LadyTimeFitness Includes:
The Weight-A-Minute Personal Weight Management Center-weight loss, anti aging and sports nutrition.
The One Minute to Fitness Mini Gym, (includes 30 different stations), free weights, cardio equipment
The Mediterranean Health & Wellness Studio by Weight-A-Minute

  • Anti-Aging Center Specialty Programs for Skin Care
  • Vitamin Store-for Women’s Health
  • Cosmetic and Make-Up
  • Beauty Consultations and Image Consulting
  • Anti Aging Room designed for consultations, education, products and more.
  • Clothing Line
  • Jewelry

Mediteranean Air Brush Tanning and Product Center
The Dead Sea Beauty Jewels and Minerals of Israel Boutique. Offers you the finest products and spa kits from The Dead Sea. Provides beauty, healing, and restoration. This specialty boutique is also available as a separate bath and body shop.
Hadassah Skin Rejuvenation and Peels Products- advanced skin care products found typically in cosmetic surgery offices and dermatology centers. Exclusively offer by Weight-A-Minute International.  Our very own chemist designed this advanced formulations for our company.
Got It in 5 Weekly, Monthly Private Motivational Session
Life Coaching Series by Weight-A-Minute

Our entire facility and products coaches women in every area her life, from career, to motherhood, mind and body and soul connection. It is our shared desire to assist each woman in finding out her reason for existence in this beautiful world that has been provided for us.

Call today for more information on our Beautiful Mini Fitness and Diet Spas
Master and Area Development-Weight-A-Minute International

Corporate office located in Beautiful Boca Raton, Florida.


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