Weight-A-Minute International Studios

Supplements, Vitamins & Minerals

Proud to be the Exclusive Supplier of the True Oxidative Typing  and Advanced Weight Control Formulas
The Weight-A-Minute Supplements are designed to work with each individual’s  needs, requirements, activities, goals, and most importantly for their own 
 Weight-A-Minute will establish a complete vitamin and wellness store right inside of your Studio I, II or III.  Your center can compete with GNC, Vitamin World or any other local nutrition store, and you have the capabilities of taking the lead because you will be able to prescribe individual vitamin and mineral recommendations through this advanced health management system and cutting edge software that  formulates menu and vitamin plans based on the individual requirements of each client.
Your store will be divided into the following categories:

  1. Superb Weight Loss Product Line to Enhance Maximum FAT BURNING!
  2. Specialty Women Formulas
  3. Men on The Run Formulas
  4. Anti-aging regimen to accommodate menu plans accommodated by premium topical products for skin therapy, skin rejuvenation, and total body healing.  Creams, Massage Oils, Cell Rejuvenation for Face and Neck.
  5. Complete Sports Nutrition Program for Recreation Sports or Professional

Our researchers and chemists are of the finest in the world.  However, they all agree that impressive specifications do not mean much unless everything works together. It’s called SYNERGY. SYNERGY is what the Weight-A-Minute System is all about. 
Medical professionals, wellness experts, world class athletes, fitness trainers, and women from every walk of life use these specialized supplements in conjunction with their individualized Weight-A-Minute program.


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